They say that there’s nothing like a sisterhood. I grew up without sisterhood. However, when I became an entrepreneur, I knew that I needed it more than ever. However, it became so hard to express my true desires around those who didn’t have the same desire to impact the world. I think we can all relate to knowing people who can only see as far as their feet can take them. Meanwhile, here I was dreaming about going to places where my feet couldn’t take me. It was going to take faith.

 However, many times we can be around supportive friends but they still do not hold us accountable in a more intensive way. That’s where The Power Table Society comes in. We’re not here to replace your friends or sisters you already have. We are here to serve as your extended network of support to help you achieve your business goals as well as developing as a woman of influence both naturally and spiritually.

Read below about our society and when you’re ready to take that step, join us and become an official member of The Power Table Society.

With Love,

Genesis Dorsey

Meet Karissa.

Karrisa struggled to find women who understood her passion and her desire to be successful in life and especially business. On top of that, she was tired of joining groups that didn’t offer the intimate bonding experience that she needed to evolve as a Christian woman. Karissa needed accountability for her to meet her monthly and quarterly goals in a circle that was a true reflection of sisterhood. She needed The Power Table Society.

why us?

But what makes The Power Table Society so great? Karissa could join any membership platform for female entrepreneurs. Why this one? What makes it so special? 

Well for starters, this community is not focused on size. It’s focused on the biblical principles of fellowship and growth. In many membership groups, the focus is on the numbers and the reach. However, we care about your growth and helping one another truly succeed. We’re more than talk. We’re about action. Sisterhood is more than just encouragement. It includes pushing one another to show up and stretch outside of our comfort zone. We’ve also realized that investment separates and filters out those who desire to sit on the fence and never take action. When everyone is invested, there is a different level of hunger.

The women who join The Power Table Society are women who are in desperate need of monthly accountability and a community that will keep them focused on achieving their goals. This is not a community for those who are “dabbling” or interested in entrepreneurship. In short, we are a society of women who do what God has called them to do. Maybe you’re a woman who is like Karissa or like Tiffany or like Melanie who desire to take a bold step of action and join a movement of women who are focused on building businesses that glorify God. If that’s you, welcome to The Power Table Society. We’ve been waiting for you.